Index simulator tool Request

Developers, it’s my request - Please provide a tool that shows the historical performance of an index, displaying the key metrics like % return, sharpe ratio, volatility etc. Returns should be presented graphically, overlaying other forms of rebalancing like static bands and time interval to show performance benefit of using Phuture.

It will be pretty rad :heart_eyes:

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@Alpha you took the words right out of my mouth :wink:

The index simulator tool allows people to see how a prospective index that they are either looking to mint or looking to create has performed. It provides the user with a set of data points that allows them to become more comfortable minting/creating an index. This should lead to a higher conversion rate of users purchasing indices when compared to the null case of no index simulator.

The next questions is where should the index simulator tool be presented to the user? Should it be a standalone feature that can be accessed from the main menu or embedded into the mint of create flows.

I also see the index simulator tool as an opportunity to showcase Phuture’s superior rebalancing performance vs other forms of rebalancing.