Phuture Influencer&Ambassador Program (Discussion)

Hello everyone! I think it would be good for Phuture to create an Influencer&ambassador program that will help the project grow.

:white_check_mark: If you collect my thoughts in one message, then here is:

  1. Ambassadors need to be recruited using official announcements on Phuture social networks and google form
  2. We need to separate influencers and ambassadors
  3. Influencers are media personalities, popular bloggers and website owners who will cover Phuture news and announcements. Ambassadors are people engaged in active daily shilling, development, project, training, networking and management within their language group / region.


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I strongly agree with separating influencers from Ambassadors; whereas the latter’s major purposes could include localization, evangelism… The firmer can help on media and community presence.
However, I also think one can as well perform both tasks if they do wish. @charles rles