PIP 1: Phuture Community Restructuring

Name of Proposal: Phuture Community Restructuring

Creator/s Name + Telegram/Discord ID’s: @charles / @mybloomingpath

Discord Link to Conversations related to the proposal: NA

Creation Date: 20/09/2021

What’s needed (financial, additional help, please specify): Community input and approval on the proposal to go forward.

Proposal goal

This proposal aims to critically evaluate the current community dynamic and look to introduce a new structure. A structure that’s fluid and encourages a clear outcome with high productivity and quality work.

One of the key aspects this proposal addresses is the benefits of the new structure and clearly outlines the performance/management aspects that will benefit the entire Phuture community.

The current structure looks like this:

Phuture Team


Growth Hackers





This structure has created certain issues, including:

  • No clear goal in each group
  • Skill sets are not matched in focused groups
  • Quality control is challenging, given the number of people participating
  • Impact of work done is low due to no quality control and direction
  • No clear leadership in each group

The new proposal and how it solves our current challenges

What we propose is a complete restructuring of the Phuture ecosystem. This will follow a precise yet simple structure that we believe will increase productivity, manage quality work and impact the Phuture ecosystem.

The structure will look like this:

This structure eliminates ambassadors, soldiers, growth hacker groups and replaces it with three working groups. These working groups will have weekly calls and work together to execute the highest standard of work, which will significantly impact the Phuture ecosystem. Within these smaller groups, a more collaborative and focused environment will be created. We believe this is key to the success of the Phuture ecosystem.

Each group has an onboarding process and a group leader. Voting on group leaders, new members and removing of existing members will all be voted on. This is because the selection of talent is extremely important for the success of each working group.

We propose one onboarding form to, as accurately as possible, ascertain the type of person applying, including their skillsets, passions and previous work done. This will help us determine which group best fits their skills and if they will be a good fit for one of the working groups.

Not everyone will be able to join a community working group straight away. We believe in equal opportunity and would like to propose a way for non-selected members to participate and contribute to the community with the view of joining a Phuture working group.

This will be set out as follows:

Learn - read, speak to people, ask questions, join calls


Add value - look to engage with posts, welcome new members, be a value asset to the community)


Impact - once they have good knowledge of Phuture, they can start having an impact. This is when we can find the right working group for them. They’ve earned it!

We believe Phuture should also introduce bounties that anyone in the community can complete. We will look to post a new proposal on the types of initiatives after the execution of the restructuring.

Execution plan

Once we have the support of the community, the following steps would be:

  • Opening up the three channels - Product, Business Development and Marketing
  • Create the screening form - to begin screening suitable members
  • Wrap up the other channels - Growth Hackers, Ambassadors, Soldiers
  • Introductory calls to take place for new members
  • Setting out goals for each group
  • Getting to work within the week!

The new structure will allow us to start executing high impact and meaningful work that will add value to the Phuture ecosystem.

As pointed out above, we intend on creating the ‘earn’ scheme, giving everyone an equal opportunity to join a Phuture working group if they apply themselves and add value. This new structure and proposal introduces a new level and high quality of work done within the Phuture community.

The execution plan listed above can be done in a 24-48 hour window with open and transparent messaging for all current Ambassadors & Soldiers, so everyone in the community is happy with the move up and onwards.


In summary, the proposal will restructure the Phuture community to bring more value to all $PHTR token holders, partners, and members. It’s key we get the new structure in place and working correctly prior to the mainnet launch.

Once the mainnet is live, it will completely change the Phuture ecosystem, and turbocharge it with more $PHTR token holders, index investors and community members. Having a clear structure now and beginning to scale this before launch is the best cause of action.

The community can expect a well-running ecosystem that gets results and makes the correct noise to grow and scale the ecosystem for all.

  • For
  • Against

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It is perfect!
I agree that the selection of talent is extremely important for the success of each working group. Within new smaller groups, a more collaborative and focused environment will be created.
I believe that it will help to grow the Phuture ecosystem🥳


Will there be a mechanism for the different working groups to interact publicly? Past history of communities teaches me that sometimes some of the best ideas sometimes come from outside of the current working group. It’s a little like sometimes when you’re in it, you can’t see the wood for the trees, and occasionally a bright idea comes from leftfield.

e.g. a Content creator writing about some aspect of Phuture may come up with an interesting question which hasn’t been clearly answered yet…and potentially a solution.


I am very much confident about the new structure which will definitely cover many loopholes in an existing process.

It will surely open the door who wants to learn and grow together with the Phuture family.

One of the good part that i like is to create small groups and evaluate their work.

Let’s focus on Quality work not just for numbers.


I really love the idea of ​​adding fresh air to the community and creating working groups.
This will facilitate quality control and improve communication between community members from one side.

My concern is that group separation may become a kind of barrier, when people will focus only on one thing they know well instead of trying themselves in different activities and developing with the project


I consider the proposal for restructuring the community to be significant and positive.Voting for group leaders, new members and removal of existing members will be conducted by a vote.
I think that in order to exclude attempts at collusion between group members, admins should appoint leaders themselves


I like this, i believe it’ll help in giving more direction. I just joined the phuture Soldier’s program and an on boarding call would’ve been nice.


Recently, I have spent a lot of time on self-development, reading, studying new trends in different markets, communications, and at one point I found myself among you – people from different parts of the world who believe in Phuture, in product we all move forward.
Although we hide behind monitors, phones and other gadgets, but each of us now are components of something special, a living organism, a community that grows and develops.
Each is a person with both life and professional experience, theoretical and practical knowledge in certain areas. We are different but we are moving towards one big goal.
African proverb says - If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
We go together. We should structures ourselves and try all the ways to keep our path confident, and not to go wrongly.
Charles, as one of the founders of Phuture, feels like no other how our DAO should grow. And the initiative to improve the structure appeared right on time.
I’m absolutely sure that the new format will help to unlock the potential of many of us and those who will first get into the channel of the project.
I do not want to claim that this structure will be unchanged. We are moving forward, looking for new opportunities, setting goals that determine both the format and the form.
Perhaps we will need more specialized subgroups for content creation (video, design, written etc.) … time and experience will show.
The goal that now faces all of us is an established communication and form of work, a format that allows us to show our individual skills as effectively as possible, form team work, focus on quality and development.
Let’s show our best. I’m sure we can.


Agree, our goal should be all be focused and should be looking for the success of Phuture and how we can take the Phuture to new heights.

New structure will help us to do that and we are in right path with aligning DAOs.


Perfect solution ! Interaction of all teams in one place is convenient and will increase the speed of work.

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This a great initiative and the new structure is going to help in multiple way like learning and discussion which will be helping us to take the best decision hence this is going to improve our quality of the work in order to bring the Phuture into new heights.

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Great proposal and I agree with the new structure. This will be more effective to the growth of Phuture ecosystem.


I agree the proposal, clearly goal for everyone is very important. connection with different role is very important too. I think the new structure can help us to work together more smoothly!


New design really helps in progressing towards becoming a fully DAO compliant organization which is the ultimate goal. This restructuring in my opinion will encourage more and more people to come and contribute freely in PHUTUREs growth.

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I think the restructuring is perfect. It creates a more dynamic environment for quality work which will be more effective to the growth of Phuture ecosystem.

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I am for this!
One of the good parts that I like is to create small groups and evaluate their work.

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Dividing and splitting into small groups is used quite successfully in many companies. This has its advantages! I’m curious to see the implementation)

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Nice proposal plan :raised_hands:

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I’m so much excited and confident about this new structure, it can help us work us work together more smoothly and efficiently

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I like it. I would like to see Snapshot voting (or similar) where weighting of tokens held increases the proportional weighting of the voting for the DAO. Assume this would include all valid Sushi LP’s (PHTR vs. USDC, ETH and FARM) as well as PHTR held in wallet (Snapshot I know allows this model inc. staked).

Without proportional voting, the DAO results are essentially invalid as people without any tokens are able to (as currently) vote for PIP motions.

I know some people will not be fans of others having more voting power - but ultimately, this is the DAO model that will encourage adoption and continued staking/utilisation of PHTR tokens.