PIP 2 Engagement Harvesting

Name of Proposal: PIP 2 Engagement Harvesting

Creator/s Name + Telegram/Discord ID’s: @Charles / @prothom / @flymaster / @Hanna Trn#8321 / @Oleksandr#9005 / @mybloomingpath#9404

Discord Link to Conversations related to the proposal:

Creation Date: 29/09/2021

What’s needed (financial, additional help, please specify): Approval from community on go forward incentive funds.

Proposal goal

The current issue we’re facing is that the incentives for accounts to push for engagement are not in place. In fact, the incentive for any account to push for maximum engagement for Phuture related content is at the discretion of the DAO. This doesn’t help the open promotion of Phuture content and is not an effective tool to engage larger social media accounts to distribute Phuture related content.

This proposal aims to achieve the following:

  • Mass distribution of Phuture content
  • Build out a quality social media presence
  • Engage more people to help promote and scale the Phuture ecosystem
  • Track user acquisition to Phuture main page and app
  • Define what kind of content has max engagement
  • Define the most effective time frames for post impressions
  • Track the best content makers

Current challenges this solves

Incentives act as key levers to enable a large audience base to engage and act on our behalf. In this instance, we are formatting for the first time a content distribution ecosystem.

Currently our content gets small levels of engagement. This is at odds with our goal of mass awareness. The content we are producing as an ecosystem is of quality and needs to be seen by people outside our current ecosystem to have the impact intended.

If someone in the community creates a well-crafted video, article or even gif, we currently distribute this on Phuture Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels, and ask others to share. The challenge with this current system is that our distribution channels (Twitter, Telegram and Discord) are populated with people who already know about and are engaged with Phuture.

So, how do we gain the attention of new users who haven’t yet had the luxury of knowing about Phuture? This is what Engagement Hacking solves.

We need to have the incentives in place to encourage virality for each Phuture related content piece.

This proposal shows that we don’t need to allocate a lot of capital for advertising and cross our fingers that it reaches the right people. We will reward content for successful performance once live, and over time will give us the data to calculate customer acquisition cost.

‌Execution plan

In order to launch Engagement Hacking successfully, we need to make the incentives clear.

Here is what we propose for each medium:

  • Video Content (YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram video) - $60 (per 1k views)
  • Written Content (blog post, research reviews) - $30 (per 1k reads)
  • Social Media Impressions (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook) - $15 (per 1k impressions)

Please note, these rewards may change depending on community feedback and market rates.

If this proposal passes, we will publish a Medium post presenting the above offer and to distribute the message far and wide. The process would be:

  • Create a medium post with an engagement opportunity
  • Begin utilising our content distribution network to its full capacity
  • Work on expanding this network

Successful Engagement Hacking would mean that we obtain a large amount of attention that we can convert into user acquisition via our content. Therefore promoting and growing the Phuture ecosystem.

To be successful we need to track user acquisition, contributions flow and determine the best contributors whose content leads investors to the Phuture app and site. To do this we will use UTM tags and defined hashtags for content.

This will work as follows:

  1. Each participant of the incentive program is obliged to insert either defined hashtags or UTM tags to their content related to Phuture.

  2. Each content, which has a link to the Phuture website or app, should contain a UTM tag, which will give the information needed for analytics. Including:

  • Effectiveness of each post measured by views, reads or impressions
  • Number of successful follow throughs
  • Depth of viewing (number of pages visited, time spent on the site)
  • New and returning visitors to the site

We will create a guide/manual on how to create unique UTM tags in the following days.

  1. Each tweet without a link to the website should contain hashtags, which we will track to measure:
  • Number of mentions
  • Top influencers in the space
  • Engagement (the reach for the social mentions)

The data would be tracked and visualised as in example below:


This proposal looks to solve several key issues related to the involvement of users who are currently outside the Phuture ecosystem.

In addition, we will be able to fairly and qualitatively assess the contribution and significance of each participant of the Engagement Harvesting program, rewarding specific indicators of the effectiveness of content distribution.

Moreover, using UTM tags with posts will allow us to see from what sources new users come to Phuture from, and assess the interest of new users (having analytics on time spent on the site). We will be able to reward those whose content leads to the increase of traffic to the platform. As well as those who make high quality content and have a highly engaged audience.

PIP 2 edit:

Adding @dgen.eth’ suggestion

Time-bound - Limit of 3 months from publication. Claims can only be made for this duration.

Financial - To protect DAO funds from viral videos, we suggest the following limits for hugely successful videos.

Videos $10k limit

Articles $3k limit

Twitter $1k limit

UTM Tags and pricing:

@olivermehr and @Mybloomingpath suggest that we half the incentive for non use of UTM tags:

  • Video Content (YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram video) - $60 (per 1k views) with UTM $30 without UTM

  • Written Content (blog post, research reviews) - $30 (per 1k reads)with UTM $15 without UTM

  • Social Media Impressions (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook) - $15 (per 1k impressions) with UTM $15 without UTM $7.50

  • Yes
  • No

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Given the fact that the use of UTM requires some actions from participants, we can consider in addition to the mentioned rewards ( per 1K views) to use Cost Per Action option for a UTM campaign.
We can define let’s say (0.10-0.15$) per user who go on our site by UTM link.
How it will work:
Youtuber, shooting a video and getting 10K views gets -$ 600. If 7000 viewers follow the link under the video with the UTM tag, then he will additionally receive another reward - 7000 * 0.10 = $ 700.
We’ll get analytics and an understanding of traffic origin and who actually made the content that made the viewer come to us. Also it may help to consider if the views were natural or using bots. What do you think guys?

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The new structure shows a qualitative change in the management and interaction of community members.
Today, we are faced with the necessity to use time, effort and resources with maximum effectiveness. Every day we see onboarding of new talented members to our community who are ready to work to contribute to the development of the project.
To achieve more effective performance and content distribution, we need to clearly understand what kind of content, platform and definite time are the best for bringing new users on Phuture page and app.
Given that the contribution of community members is always highly appreciated by the team, the metrics used can be indicators in determining the best contributors, the best twitter accounts with our target audience. Based on that it would be possible to reward best contributors according to received data.

The proposal is to use UTM tags in links in all your promo activities, so that the input will be calculated automatically and we will all be on the same page with the results.

Please see the detailed information here: Phuture - UTM tags usage example.docx - Google Docs


I have a suggestion to grow Phuture Official youtube channel.

All YouTubers and bloggers should have to mention in their video to subscribe Phuture official youtube channel.

by doing this number of subscribers will also get increase.

and in a later phase, Phuture team can utilize the official youtube channel in a more effective way

Good point, since some of the community members may find it complicated to use UTM tags, and this solution make them using it (to get more profit for themselves and visibility of the Phuture project)

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I like the proposal it seems really fair and puts all stakeholders in an advantaged position.

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Sounds positive - a note of caution, there needs to be a tight control on quality. I could get 50k impressions by creating a youtube video with a hot girl grabbing her clothes on the cover and ‘You’ll never guess what she does next’ as the subject etc… (invest in Phuture of course :joy:). This will not help the brand though and reach the wrong audience = not good use of DAO funds. OK this is an extreme example, but you get the idea.

I think all Video content that expects to be rewarded, articles too must be validated in some way first by the working groups, potentially for accuracy too (no false promises, incorrect links etc…).

I could support e.g. with a 24hr review window (if allocated) i.e. maybe set up a group to approve media posts for earning?.


Absolutely! Very good point! We should build up content flow and approval scheme. Quality is a the key to success.

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Very well written and thought out proposal.

How can we mitigate paying for fake views?

Agree with @dgen.eth that quality must be tightly controlled and content must be factually accurate. We can either do this retroactively or proactively. Retroactively, probably scales better as content can be screened during the review process. Proactively, ensures that output quality is higher and eases the review process from a quality control perspective.


Probably worth adding that there should be a cap in each category, both financial and time-bound.

Time-bound - should limit to e.g. 3-6 months from publication. It will be impossible to manage rolling claims on an unlimited time basis. Or perhaps limit by no. of claims e.g. you can only claim once - it’s up to creator when they do so.

Financial - Don’t want to have the DAO exposed to e.g. 1m views on a twitter post that has a hashtag costing $15,000 DAO. There should be a financial limit per media promotion (irrespective of no. of claims made for same piece)

Example financial constraints: Videos $5k limit, Articles $2.5k limit, Twitter $500 limit


Since the new structure opens up much more opportunities for us to control the flow of content, we can consider the following scheme as an option.

  1. We form a small team responsible for the selection of performers on the prepared topics. The advantage of such selection is that this team, knowing the capabilities of certain content makers, will be able to correctly distribute the production process, and we will be confident in reliability, timeliness and quality. At the moment, it is already possible to assess the capabilities of community members, because we already have some idea of who has what professional qualities.
  2. Participants’ content on a free topic is also desirable to review. At least those who want to create content can write a short brief (what will be the main message). This will make it possible to coordinate or correct the direction of the contributor’s thought. Perhaps even this topic will not correspond to the marketing strategy or is no longer relevant… i.e. a person will not waste his time in vain, on something that will not have the appropriate value.

To keep it simple i think we should have two variable rates. Example:

  1. $30 for video content without UTM tags
  2. $60 for video content with UTM tags

I believe with this type of difference between rewards, every rational person will use tags. Ultimately, we must tailor our rewards to what is most valuable to us and that is getting content with tracking data.

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To all social media soldiers: to track the activities please fill the form below with your Discord ID: https://forms.gle/fCbJHVR3Nu43o1eA7

also added this link to the Notion, column “Common”.