Proposal Guidelines

In order to get the most out of each proposal and foster more productive discussion, we have laid out a basic template to reference when writing your own PIP (Phuture Improvement Proposal).

The link to the google doc is here: Proposal Template - Google Docs and the contents is also copied below.

Basic Information

Name of Proposal:

Creator/s Name + Telegram/Discord ID’s:

Discord Link to Conversations related to the proposal:

Creation Date:

What’s needed (financial, additional help, please specify):

Proposal goal

(50+ words) Would you please explain the goal and purpose of the proposal? Feel free to give a quick summary of the current issue that this proposal addresses (if applicable). We encourage a bullet point summary of what this proposal would achieve if passed by the community.

Current challenges this solves

‌(150+ words) Summarise what this proposal will solve, if it’s looking to work on an existing situation. Would you please outline the current predicament? Focus on the impact this proposal would have on the Phuture ecosystem if it were to be executed.

Execution plan

(150+word) Provide a well thought out plan of how to execute your proposal, what steps/tasks will need to be completed. You could provide a breakdown of each stage or provide key actions in bullet point format.


‌Give a conclusion summarising the proposed goal, challenges it solves, execution plan and what benefits the Phuture ecosystem can expect if approved.