The Phuture Roadmap — 2021

2021 was kicked off with a capital raise, raising money from some of the most forward-thinking investors in the Web 3 landscape. The funds provide us with multiple years of runway and allow us to continue to hire great talent to join us in our journey.

Right now, the Phuture team is working on delivering testnet (phase one). We aim to have this live in the next four weeks. Once testnet is live, we will begin ramping up marketing, acquiring early users and obtaining exposure through the communities of the projects that Phuture integrates with. Lots of exciting conversations are currently taking place on this matter!

In a recent community update, which was posted on Telegram & Discord (links below). We shared the following. “Community is at the heart of Phuture. Once the protocol is live, the community will have a say on how the DAO’s funds are allocated, which amounts to over 50% of the total token supply”.

We are now at a stage where Phuture’s team of developers are working round the clock to bring the protocol to its main-net launch. We see ourselves as catalysts in this launch, but we are building it for you, the community, and we are happy to share progress on the protocol as it evolves.”

The above will become clear once the product is live and the core team begins to actively work with the community.

Our focus is on delivering a best-of-class product and user experience. We believe a strong product coupled with an integrated tokenomic design will allow our ecosystem to flourish over time. For more information on the role of Phuture’s PHTR token, click here .

Below we have outlined our product roadmap which highlights important product-related events. Marketing and community-focused roadmaps will be coming out later. Right now, we want to share what we are working on and what you can expect for 2021!

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