What is the PHTR Token?

PHTR is the native governance token of the Phuture protocol. It is the medium through which the protocol can enforce governance, reward users, incentivise activity and subsidise operations.PHTR can be staked into the protocol. When PHTR is staked the user receives enhanced PHTR (ePHTR). ePHTR gives the holder access to governance capabilities. In addition, ePHTR is continuously earning and compounding PHTR denominated rewards. An ePHTR holder can redeem their accrued rewards by unstaking.
Initially, rewards distributed to the staking contract will stem from the treasury but over time they will be replaced/augmented by the fees generated on the platform.
Staking naturally dilutes non-participatory token holders relative to staked holders over time. This results in more influence being held by the active and engaged portion of the Phuture community.